Human Resources - Employees

Employee Handbook
The policies and procedures in this handbook are not intended to be contractual commitments by the Tampa Veterans Research and Education Foundation. They are intended to be guidelines to management and to describe procedures to be followed. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke, change or supplement the guidelines at anytime without notice. No policy is a guarantee of continuous rights or benefits. No permanent employment or employment for any term, is intended or can be implied or inferred from statements in this handbook.

Employment Packet
Documents and paperwork for all new employees. A zipped file containing the following:

  • Direct Deposit Form
  • EEO Form
  • Employee Packet Checklist
  • Employee Request
  • Fingerprint Request Form
  • Form I-9
  • Reference Checklist
  • Sample Time Sheet
  • Standard Form 85 - Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions
  • Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Statement of Commitment and Understanding
  • Time Sheet Submittal Dates
  • Time Sheet Explanation
  • W-4 Form
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