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2018 Safe Patient Handling and Mobility/Falls Conference: Featuring content on Mobility-related Adverse Events
April 16-20, 2018 | Rosen Centre, Orlando, FL


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Conference Description:
This conference will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for making healthcare safer for all healthcare workers and patients. The ultimate goal is for universal safe patient handling and safe mobility in all health care settings. Participants will be exposed to cutting edge research, best practices, and lessons learned in safe patient handling and mobility-related adverse events such as patient falls and fall-related injuries. This conference includes diverse learning opportunities, including plenary and concurrent sessions, workshops, 'hands on" practice sessions, and a large exhibit hall with new and emerging technology.

Target Audience:
This conference is designed to meet the needs of direct health care providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, managers, administrators, risk managers, educators, industrial hygienists/safety professionals, and researchers of any discipline who are interested in advancing safety for patients and caregivers. To meet the needs of a diverse audience, focused tracks have been established for:

Focus Area A: Special Topics in Safe Patient Handling and Mobility
Focus Area B: Safe Patient Handling and Mobility in Special Settings and Populations
Focus Area C: Program Implementation and Sustainability
Focus Area D: Mobility-related Adverse Events: Falls, Fall-related Injuries and Pressure Ulcers

Conference Objectives:
Upon completion of this program, the participant should be able to:

  1. Apply research and clinical evidence for reducing patient handling risks to caregivers
  2. Evaluate technological solutions for safe patient handling and falls management
  3. Incorporate best practices and patient preferences into rehabilitation to improve function and reduce patient adverse events associated with immobility
  4. Differentiate fall prevention from fall protection
  5. Examine the state of science related to patient falls.

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